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DML will be hosting three webinars in June that you won't want to miss!

 1.  What's New with Sage 300 (Accpac) v 6.1 - June 9th, 2013

 2. Service Manger Saving Your Business Money - June 16th, 2013

 3. POS  Best Practices - June 22nd, 2013  

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Transform the productivity of your entire organization with Sage Accpac 5.5, now part of the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite. Customize your Sage Accpac 5.5 even further with quality Sage Accpac Options products and third-party industry solutions.


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Service / Project and Maintenance Solutions

Service Manager by Technisoft Pty Ltd, a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

Service Manager is a multi award winning software solution for Service, Job Cost and Maintenance industries. Service Manager is fully integrated to the Sage Accpac ERP accounting suite providing true accountability from a central point to help you manage the resources, products and services your business offers.

Communicate with your employees or customers from anywhere day or night using wireless PDA, mobile/cell Phone or Notebook technologies or via the internet in order to save time, lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity and most importantly, improve customer service and satisfaction.

Service Manager will accommodate your workflow today and can be easily tailored to grow with your business into the future.

Whether for your own internal operations or for commercial operations, if you are involved in contracting, job cost management, preventative maintenance or general equipment servicing, then your business can benefit by deploying a Service Manager solution.

For more than twenty one (21) years Technisoft has been committed to exceeding our customers expectations and adding value to the communities we deal with.

Sage Accpac Transportation Industry Brochure

Service Manager Highlights

  • Create and manage templates, quotations, jobs, projects, Invoices, Credit Notes, Cost Only entries, requisitions, purchases, receipts, and issue parts/stock, labour and other services and track budgets and profitability. Includes multi-currency and Service Center/Branch accounting.
  • Schedule jobs, employees/contractors, tasks, equipment and other resource. View workloads, plan ahead, allocate and reschedule resources, record time entries,and manage conflicts.
  • Preventative maintenance functions allow you to create task and service activities based on conditions, meter values and schedules. Assign resources, take measurements/meter readings, and predict maintenance loading and material requirements.
  • Tracking of serialized inventory and equipment (includes equipment transfers, warranty, RMA's, symptoms, faults and solutions, rentals, returns/ exchange rotations, history, life cycle profitability).
  • Create Service/Site Level Agreements, Warranty and Meter Agreements, including preventative maintenance to monitor and support your customers with definable response prioritization, parts/service cover, profit reports, warnings.
  • Employees can modify and create jobs via the internet using the Employee Portal or let your customers save you time and money by logging jobs and viewing information via the Customer Portal in a self service process.
  • PDA and Notebook field solutions fully integrate online (real time) or offline (full sync up process) allowing employees to stay in touch with the office and update jobs and tasks as they are received and the work is completed.
Accounting and Operations

Imagine an accounting and operations software solution that puts your business first. That serves up the smart features and fierce power you and your employees need to get the job done efficiently and brilliantly. A solution that follows your pace of growth, adapts to your unique workflow, defers to your database and deployment preferences, and flexes with your organizational structure. Only, this solution isn't a figment of your imagination. And you don't have to be a big enterprise with deep pockets to afford it. It's called Sage Accpac accounting software, and it can change the way you think, work, and imagine.

The Sage Accpac ERP System

The Sage Accpac ERP system is, at core, a sophisticated, robust accounting and operations system for small and midsized businesses. With our ERP system you can create a perfect, lasting fit for your business by implementing only the modules you need today, then building out your financial system over time by adding more Sage Accpac modules and Options products. With the Sage Accpac ERP system you can also enhance the productivity of your entire enterprise—beyond the back-office—with end-to-end solutions, such as CRM, that integrate with Sage Accpac accounting software.

The Sage Accpac Accounting Software Difference

Sage Accpac accommodates the unique requirements you have today, and it readily adapts to meet your changing needs. We’ve found that these qualities make all the difference for owners of small and midsized businesses—leaders who realize that the ability to streamline their processes can be a prerequisite to growth, and who are likewise concerned about what impact that growth will have on their investment in technology.

While we can't pretend to know where your business will take you over the years, we can say this: Sage Accpac accounting software offers the power, flexibility, and support you need to face today's challenges with confidence and welcome the business and technological changes that are sure to come with your success.

Sage Accpac Values

Sage Accpac is scalable. Sage Accpac is scalable. With three Sage Accpac editions to choose from, you don't have to worry about outgrowing your ERP system in the future. Learn more about Sage Accpac editions.

Sage Accpac is customizable. A modular structure and customizable screens and fields make it easy to tailor Sage Accpac to your unique requirements. Learn more about creating a tailored accounting software solution..

Sage Accpac works on the Web. Web, desktop, or both? The choice is yours with flexible deployment options.

Sage Accpac is efficient and easy to use. A graphic interface that’s consistent from screen to screen makes for easy data entry and reporting.

Sage Accpac accounting software works with CRM, HR, and more. Every department of your business can be more productive and more interdependent, because Sage Accpac works as the accounting foundation for a whole set of integrated end-to-end solutions.

Sage Accpac Modules

We recommend you use this opportunity to get an overview of Sage Accpac. You can explore the modules to get a sense of the depth and breadth of accounting and operations functionality available to you with Sage Accpac accounting software.

Customer Relationship Management

A good customer relationship management (CRM) solution will give you quick, easy access to centralized customer and prospect information. Not just contact information, not just call history information, but the in-depth, up-to-date communications history you need to nurture your prospect relationships, close sales, inspire customer loyalty, and streamline all your customer-facing activities. The best CRM solution for you is the one that adds integration with Sage Accpac accounts receivable data to its list of award-winning features: SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP.

SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP
SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP is an easy to use, fast to deploy, feature-rich CRM solution providing enterprise-wide access to vital customer information—anytime, anywhere. With SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP, you can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care, and marketing information.

You can explore the following pages for more information about SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP. However, the best way to understand how this powerful CRM solution can benefit your specific organization is to attend a live product demo. 

Sales Automation

Take complete control of your sales pipeline by empowering sales teams to effectively manage, forecast and report on all phases of the sales cycle.

Marketing Automation

Track the ROI of your marketing programs by automating, tracking and analyzing every marketing campaign, from one-time e-mail communications to multi-faceted marketing programs.

Customer Care

Make the most of every customer interaction by ensuring customer satisfaction and even allowing your customers to help themselves.

Access and Synchronization Options

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Why ever leave Outlook? SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP runs within the framework of your Microsoft Outlook and has complete, two-way synchronization with Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments) and tasks, in addition to enhanced e-mail integration.

Wireless PDA Access

The benefits of real-time access to your CRM solution are numerous and can have a positive impact on your business performance and profits.

Offline Synchronization

A comprehensive CRM solution enables organizations to guarantee their sales and customer care professionals have access to critical data - regardless of whether or not they have an internet connection.

Advanced Features

SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP has sophisticated Automated Process Workflow and Customization capabilities as well as Computer Telephony Integration, Web Self Service and more.

Customer Success

“With all information readily available at their fingertips, sales representatives can deliver unparalleled customer service and strengthen client relationships. In short, SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP and Sage Accpac deliver the business management capabilities we need to stay competitive.” –Jean-Marc Pigeon, president, Inortech, Inc.

Related Sage Accpac Modules

  • Customer Connect
Business Intelligence and Reporting

Sage Accpac Insight, the Premier Reporting & Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence is a buzz phrase in today's marketplace-and for good reason. The need for a complete business intelligence software application capable of full-scale reporting has never been more prevalent. Gone are the days of trying to glean key information from a monthly balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement. Today's business leaders demand more insightful, more comprehensive metrics because their ability to serve their stakeholders and outflank their competitors depends on it. What should you look for in a comprehensive reporting and business intelligence solution? Full integration with Sage Accpac, the ability to pull data from anywhere in your enterprise, and total ease of use. You'll find these qualities, and more in our premier business intelligence software package, Sage Accpac Insight.

Sage Accpac Insight

Sage Accpac Insight is an enterprise-wide reporting, budgeting, and consolidations application, ideal for employees in remote offices and disparate departments who need to manage, distribute, and collaborate from a single, unified source. It allows you to quickly capture and integrate information into meaningful reports and securely distribute them across your entire enterprise on demand.

With Sage Accpac as your accounting foundation, you can use Sage Accpac Insight to enhance your business intelligence with sophisticated, customizable budgets, analytics, and reports. The possibilities from this leading business intelligence solution include:

  • Sales analyses
  • Interactive, bottom-up budgets
  • Charts and graphs
  • Budget variance reports
  • Any kind of report, budget, or analysis you would normally build on a spreadsheet

To see Sage Accpac Insight in action, sign up for a live Web demo.

Customer Success

“Sage Accpac Insight has helped us streamline our management reporting. We absolutely love its powerful analytics and interactive drill-down capabilities.”– Gregg Battaglia, VP CFO, Witt Industries

Sage Accpac Insight PDF icon

Fixed Asset Management

It's an unfortunate reality that many companies and organizations overpay thousands, sometimes even millions, in insurance and tax costs due to improperly or ineffectively managing and depreciating their fixed assets. The best way to gain total command and control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal—is with a fixed asset management solution that links to your Sage Accpac accounting system: Sage FAS Fixed Assets.

Sage FAS

Sage FAS delivers powerful, easy-to-use fixed asset management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Sage FAS provides construction in progress management, fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory reconciliation, and customized reporting—all at a price you can afford.

Sage FAS is the definitive Fixed Asset Solution, providing you with:

  • A complete fixed asset management suite with an intuitive interface that's easy to implement, learn, and use
  • Seamless integration among accounting, inventory, and reporting applications
  • Direct links to your General Ledger system
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting features

Why should you choose Sage FAS?

  • Sage FAS is used by the "Big Four" accounting firms
  • Companies choose Sage FAS 3-to-1 over all other competing solutions combined
  • Sage FAS integrates easily with your General Ledger solution
  • Sage Software has more than 20 years of service and support
  • Sage FAS has over 100,000 users nationwide
Human Resource Management

It’s so easy to get buried in human resources paperwork, especially when there’s an increase in employee queries, benefits enrollment forms, and government compliance issues. Still, the thought of implementing an HR management system can be daunting. Many business owners worry that it will cost too much, be too complex to implement, or won’t really help. If these concerns sound familiar, you’re in the right place. We have an affordable, easy-to-use solution that will integrate with your Sage Accpac system, link to your payroll module, give your employees self-service capabilities, and help you stay in compliance with the law: Sage Accpac HRMS.

Transform your HR Processes with Sage Accpac HRMS

Sage Accpac HRMS is a human resource management system, based on the award-winning Sage Abra Suite, comprising HR, benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance solutions for mid-sized businesses. Its flexible design features your choice of database platforms, including SQL or MSDE, a comprehensive array of features, and the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce.

At the core of the Sage Accpac HRMS human resource management system is a full complement of HR, training, and recruiting capabilities. It comes complete with hundreds of standard reports, industry-leading Crystal Report® Writer, customizable templates, and an easy-to-use query tool. It also includes employee self-service and benefits enrollment to automate workflows, streamline routine employee requests, and improve efficiency and productivity. An integrated database feeds a seamless flow of information to continuously deliver time and money savings.

Sage Accpac HRMS
Manage HR information based on your company's unique structure and needs. Sage Accpac HRMS allows you to easily organize workforce data, track all types of benefits, manage OSHA incidents, and run an array of management and U.S and Canadian government reports to ensure compliance.

Sage Accpac HRMS Attendance
Track all types of paid and unpaid time off plans such as illness, leave of absence, and vacation with flexible, intuitive setup.

Sage Accpac HRMS Employee Self Service
Provide employees, managers, and administrators with a central location for viewing and managing personal data and company information, including time-off requests, current benefits, and training history.

Sage Accpac HRMS Benefits Enrollment
Empower employees to make their own benefit elections and life events changes via the Internet or intranet using easy, step-by-step wizards.

Sage Accpac HRMS eRecruiter
Manage applicants and requisitions with this Web-based system that features paperless workflows, online applications, screening questions, and integration to major job boards.

Sage Accpac HRMS Train
Define training needs for each job track, manage certifications, and automate the scheduling and logistics of training programs.

Sage Accpac HRMS OrgPlus
Automate the creation of complex organizational charts, perform "what-if" analyses, and communicate structure changes.

Sage Accpac HRMS Alerts
Monitor your Sage Accpac HRMS database, specify actions, and trigger e-mails that send automated messages and keep employees informed about key activities and pending issues.

Sage Accpac HRMS ToolKit
Customize Sage Accpac HRMS by creating an unlimited number of screens and fields to track information you specify.

Sage Accpac HRMS Link
Exchange data between Sage Accpac HRMS and other human resource and payroll systems.

Find out more about HR automation with the Sage Accpac HRMS human resources management system.

Warehouse Management

When your warehouse is operating at peak efficiency, there's a domino effect that can be felt all the way through your enterprise. Your warehouse employees are empowered and encouraged by their increased productivity and control of inventory. Your customers notice the quality of your service and are impressed by your quick and accurate order fulfillment. And you? With loyal employees and customers and total control over your costs, processes, and inventory, you're in a better position than ever to take your business to the next level of success. To get the domino effect working for you, start with a powerful, feature-rich warehouse management software system that integrates with your Sage Accpac accounting system: Sage Accpac WMS. Sage Accpac's warehouse management software will enable your business to manage inventory and productivity in a time and cost-efficient manner, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Sage Accpac WMS

Sage Accpac WMS automates your inventory-handling and order-fulfillment processes, and helps you better manage your supply chain. It works as part of a complete distribution system by interfacing with radio-frequency hardware, bar code technology, shipping systems, and other warehouse automation equipment.

Sage Accpac WMS significantly improves allocation of resources within your warehouse. Its three carefully designed editions address the accuracy, efficiency, and improved customer service needs of an organization. As your business grows, you can easily move from one edition to a more complex one. This chart compares the functionality included in each of the three editions and helps you determine which is right for your business.

Sage Accpac WMS Functionality Chart

You can run a lean, efficient warehouse with Sage Accpac WMS covering all the bases:

Receiving & Put Away

Move goods from your receiving dock to your warehouse and into the right location with control, speed, and accuracy.

Picking and Packing

Efficiently pick and pack goods using wave, batch, simultaneous, or sequential zone processes.


Streamline every step of your shipping process with this warehouse management software, from order entry, to estimating order weight, to producing packing slips and shipping labels.

Inventory Control and Replenishment

Easily and confidently track inventory movement across your entire enterprise with real-time, comprehensive inventory data.

To see Sage Accpac WMS in action, sign up for a live Web demo.

Sage Accpac WMS PDF icon

Customer Success

“Sage Accpac WMS has substantially accelerated picking productivity and increased sales.” – Eric Jacobsen, Tufenkian Carpets

E-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce for Sage Accpac ERP by Iciniti Corporation,
a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

eCommerce for Sage Accpac ERP by Iciniti Corporation is a full-featured, completely customizable Web store that integrates seamlessly with Sage Accpac. Now you don’t have to manage inventory in two places, since inventory is managed in Sage Accpac and automatically inherited by the Web store. And because orders flow directly into Sage Accpac, your customers are doing your data entry for you, which reduces your chances for data entry errors and minimizes data entry staff requirements.

No one wants a Web store that looks – or for that matter acts – like everyone else’s. This is why Iciniti has developed their store to be completely customizable, both in look and feel and business functions. Now you can have the best of both worlds; an off-the-shelf Web store that integrates to your accounting system and an eCommerce solution custom-tailored to your business needs.

Still, an easy to use, fully integrated and custom tailored Web store will do you no good if you don't have the features your clients demand. Related items listings, customer purchasing patterns (“People who bought this item also bought…”), size and color variations, customer portals, national accounts information, the ability to pay open invoices online and view order histories, integration with major freight carriers, Amazon, Yahoo, and credit card processing are just a few of the many things you can do with eCommerce for Sage Accpac ERP. So whether your business specializes in B2B, B2C, or B2E, eCommerce for Sage Accpac ERP powered by Iciniti has the solution.

eCommerce for Sage Accpac datasheet (PDF)
Success Story Video - Rainbow Sandals

eCommerce Highlights

  • Leverage your investment in Sage Accpac ERP by using an eCommerce platform that uses native Accpac data
  • Dramatically reduce order processing costs by outsourcing data entry to your customers
  • Improve customer service by providing 24/7 to accurate, customer specific information
  • Easily personalize your web store to customer specific pricing and terms
  • Manage web store content through easy to use Administration tools
  • Fully integrated credit card processing that is consistent with payment card industry card security compliance

Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP by MISys, a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP by MISys is an industrial-strength manufacturing system for Make-to-stock and Make-to-order manufacturers as well as custom Job shops. First released in 1984, over 7,000 manufacturing companies in 48 countries use our solution to manage their entire operations.

MISys SAE is modular suite which means you can purchase just the functionality you need. Start with the core module, MISys SAE Level 1. As your company grows, you can add MISys modules for serial, lot, and bin tracking, manufacturing orders, master production scheduling (MPS), material requirements planning (MRP), shop floor control, and much more.

Level 1
Level 1 provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need: Inventory control, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and integrated purchasing. It's the perfect starting point to get your production operations under control.

Level 2
When the time is right, move up to Level 2, which adds production control, master production scheduling (MPS), and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities.

Level 3
Add Level 3 to focus on your shop floor operations and get detailed production efficiency and cost analyses.

Serial/Lot Tracking
Serial/Lot Tracking is for those who need to track the serial or lot numbers of the items they use or build. It is particularly important for manufacturers of food products, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, and other specialized products.

Bin Tracking
Bin Tracking is for manufacturers who use containerized raw materials – such as barrels of oil, bolts of cloth, and rolls or sheets of material – who wish to monitor the quantity available in each barrel, bolt, roll, or sheet.

Custom Configurator
Manufacturing companies that perform significant make-to-order work will find the MISys Custom Configurator an invaluable addition to the MISys Manufacturing System. Custom Configurator is rules-based – only pre-defined configurations can be built – and easy to use; the program guides you through selecting the appropriate options and automatically populates a corresponding manufacturing order.

Bar Coding
Tedious and error-prone data entry can be significantly reduced by the implementation of an effective bar coding system. The Bar Coding System is a turnkey solution which provides the hardware and software required to print and collect bar coded data in a manufacturing environment.

Select The Solution That Fits Your Organization
MISys SAE comes in two editions designed to fit both small- and mid-sized organizations:

  Small Business Edition Enterprise Edition
Maximum Users 3 256
Level 1 Yes Yes
Level 2 Yes Yes
Level 3 No Yes
Serial Lot Tracking No Yes
Bin Tracking No Yes
Custom Configurator Yes Yes
Bar Coding No Yes
Check & Form Printing Solutions

PrintBoss by Wellspring Software, a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

PrintBoss makes it easier, faster and more secure to print all of your accounting documents. PrintBoss is the ultimate print driver for printing checks and accounting forms.

Checks: When PrintBoss is used to print checks you can print a check from any bank account onto the same blank check stock. You can make logos or a company name print on the check based on the bank account from which the check is drawn. You can print one or more signatures based on the amount of the check.

For fraud prevention PrintBoss can create a “Positive Pay” file that can be sent to your bank after each check run or at the end of the day to insure that no check is cashed on your account except checks that you have actually written.

Accounting Forms: When PrintBoss is used to print accounting forms you can create multiple copies of the document that can be printed to different printers, faxed or emailed based on whether you have a fax number or an email address. An archival copy can be automatically created and stored by PrintBoss in a directory and with a file name dynamically created based on the company name and the document type and the document number.

PrintBoss Highlights
  • Print all checks onto the same blank check stock
  • Print signatures based on the amount of the check
  • Create a Positive Pay File
  • Print document copies from different trays
  • Print document copies to different printers
  • Print document copies as a fax or an e-mail
  • Create an archival PDF file for each document


Product Configur8or

Quoting and ordering for businesses that manufacture or assemble products, providing the ability to have a custom bill of materials, routings, costing and pricing.


• Saves Time & Reduces Costs

• Improve Accuracy & Consistency

• Eliminates Costly Errors

• Reduce Lead Times

• Deskills Product Configuration

• Creates Custom BOM’s & Routings



Guiding Buying


Leads customers or order processors quickly and easily to the product or service they require without the

need for expert knowledge.


• Increases Sales

• Reduces Costs & Saves Time

• Simplifies Buying

• Enhances Customer Satisfaction

• Improves Customer Return Rate

• Adds Value to Purchases

• Correct Products Ordered

Client Comments

“ACCPAC helps us secure continued sales far in the future, because we can offer customers things we never thought possible before.”

Ralph Nilssen

Vice President
The Kirk Company

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